Monday, 18 April 2016


Though Eliza Dushku was occasionally overlooked and underrated in the past - and being beautiful and charismatic has sometimes overshadowed her talent - she's a terrific naturalistic actor, and the LA Times describes her performance in Jane Wants a Boyfriend (and her scenes with Louisa Krause) as "especially strong".

The picture's described as a "sweet, touching story". It's about a young woman with autism (Krause) who feels ready to have a relationship, and has to struggle against the well-intentioned over-protectiveness of her sister (Dushku).

Dushku's said she let herself be more vulnerable in this role - though to be fair to her, I think her she's often shown different mixes of tough and vulnerable onscreen, and that this is always an important part of her appeal (of course, when you're consistently good, people may start taking your talent for granted. This is an important movie for Dushku, so I'll go along with any thoughts that she's reaching even further than usual, and they're probably true - even the best actors need interesting scenes to play).

You can see Jane Wants a Boyfriend  in the US now, with UK and Canada releases to be announced.