Sunday, 12 April 2015


She’d lived with it for 30 years, pushing the cold stark reality of her future to the back of her mind, every single day.

She had tried so hard not to let that one meeting of 30 years ago, take over her life – and she’d had a good life, up until now.

Challenging but interesting work, meeting people she never dreamt of meeting, she’d even helped some of them to cope with their own reality.  She’d married and had two spirited children – and then got divorced. She had wonderful friends – friends sent by god to keep her sane, stop her thinking, absorb her negativity, and give her courage to face the future.  But as good as they were, they couldn’t undo what had happened, they couldn’t turn back the clock for her or anyone else.  They couldn’t erase that fatal blow, delivered at 10am on 23rd February 1985.  “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do – you have a rare and incurable eye condition, and you’re going to go blind. Not now – but sometime in the future, you’re going to go blind” And he was right, she could resist no longer. Every day of those 30 years had brought her closer to her final destination.  This morning, as she awoke, she knew she had finally arrived. 

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