Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ESPRESSO SHOT 57: APRIL 2010, by Anthony Sides

April sunshine stark through the thin hedges - scribble of bare trees - 

Heel-ball-toe and the flex of his calves. Tire-marked banana smell in the gutter - less chemical than banana Nesquik as a kid -

he'd noticed he said "when I was a kid" to distance himself from an attitude or taste - it might mean 1970 or something he was embarrassed about that he'd done half an hour ago.

Carol, darker-haired, with her bike - the cool touch and cool book smell stepping inside the library -

It would be memorable not to sound like Hemingway, but, Norman Mailer wrote. 

Aldi. Holding up a polo T. Beep beep beep of the scanner reading the bar codes - 

did Keats's dog bark odes?

Some things can not be forgiven - 

the Keats thing was when I was a kid -

he was really a kid in 1969 photographs in a fringed cowboy outfit - the same eyes as now.

Along past the cafes and then houses and the house in which he was conceived - his mother's friend still lived there and on a visit his mother lifted her arms wide and said, "Just think. This is where you began."

She said, "Don't worry, love. It wasn't a kitchen in those days."

Sideways shortcut on to the next road, straight and bussy in to the distance, clock on the job centre still set to winter time - slow-walking, tired, awake always most of the night - skin tight round his eyes - less elastic - 

a walk in the sun - he'd gone back for his coat and then it got warmer - 

smell of Greggs vegetable pasty -

that Joyce desire to make the world new - pie crust to piss pot - the sound a cat makes and the taste of tea - to write to a reader you have to let some things be taken as read - 

Carol's partner's song - It's taken it's taken it's taken as read - taken as read

crust carrots blank potato.

Does David Millipede dream of electric sheep?

Does David Cameron have to agree ahead of the election to commit to invade Iran, the way Blair in opposition had to sign off on the Dome?

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