Thursday, 3 November 2011

Choose to be happy

This book was called 9 Steps to Life-Long Happiness when I read it, so I picked it up with some scepticism, though glancing at the bullet-points made it clear how effective it might be. I read it and it made a difference to how happy I felt and how efficient I am at being happy. Points 1, 3 and 6 particularly appeal to me, ( and you'll find your own favourites, while the points feed in to each other in a cycle. Here's a message from the authors:

Dear Friends,
We're excited to announce the birth of our newest happiness-related project -- an online experience called the SUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS COURSE. This "course" provides a practical roadmap to create more joy for yourself, for the people around you, and for the environment. With more than 40 short, dynamic, and fun videos, along with online exercises you can download, the Sustainable Happiness experience will give you a route to contribute to the world's well-being and to find greater happiness, resiliency and control in your own life.
And, it's only $20 US.
If you’d like to go deeper into the material in our books, this is a great opportunity. Or, if you wrote to us about attending a public training program, this is an opportunity to experience the material personally. If you prefer a CD or auditory presentation, the course will provide this, too.
If you'd like to check it out go to:

. There are some sample videos and a full description of the course, bios on the two of us, and a full introduction of our friend and professional collaborator on this project, Catherine O'Brien, professor at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia.
The course is fun and a great companion to our books and to our live presentations. We hope you enjoy it and will pass it on to colleagues, friends, and family.
Thanks much, and all best wishes,
Rick Foster and Greg Hicks
Co-authors of: How We Choose to Be Happy, and Happiness & Health (Choosing Brilliant Health)
Sustainable Happiness is...:
Happiness that contributes to individual, 
community, and/or global well-being 
and does not exploit other people, 
the environment, or future generations.

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