Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dave Puller's PEACE, LOVE AND WAR: Blurb

Dave's book is now available -

You can discover serious, poignant and playful poems in this new collection from Dave Puller. You’ll love reading and re-reading Dave’s deceptively simple lines about love, peace and war (and a little bit about Wythenshawe).

  • You’ll find tender, cynical poems about new love and love gone sour - and love that’s bitter/sweet with might-have-beens.
  • You’ll enjoy angry and/or funny pieces about politics, class and consumerism – and heartbreakingly happy memories of a lost loved one.
  • Politics – and anger – continue in the compassionate and satirical section about the whys, hows and horrors of war for oil and corporate gain.
  • The final poems introduce you to Dave’s beloved Wythenshawe, and the values and injustices of a childhood in a “lower-working-class” community.

    The Manchester Evening News called Dave a “poet, promoter and all-round nice guy” – while a fan on MySpace praises his “poetic, political and comedic genius”.

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