Tuesday, 25 January 2011


One of my favourite writers, AJ Ashworth, has had another of her excellent stories published recently - this time in Salt's Horizon Review - and you can read it for free here:


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dave Puller's PEACE, LOVE AND WAR: Blurb

Dave's book is now available -

You can discover serious, poignant and playful poems in this new collection from Dave Puller. You’ll love reading and re-reading Dave’s deceptively simple lines about love, peace and war (and a little bit about Wythenshawe).

  • You’ll find tender, cynical poems about new love and love gone sour - and love that’s bitter/sweet with might-have-beens.
  • You’ll enjoy angry and/or funny pieces about politics, class and consumerism – and heartbreakingly happy memories of a lost loved one.
  • Politics – and anger – continue in the compassionate and satirical section about the whys, hows and horrors of war for oil and corporate gain.
  • The final poems introduce you to Dave’s beloved Wythenshawe, and the values and injustices of a childhood in a “lower-working-class” community.

    The Manchester Evening News called Dave a “poet, promoter and all-round nice guy” – while a fan on MySpace praises his “poetic, political and comedic genius”.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

SHOT NO 51, by Anthony Sides

A dust-skimmed pool and a palm tree, and a camel soiling its back leg. Freezeframed waves of sand washed up at the edges. One red rock with two vultures perched, nudging each other and snickering. The grass is straw and saw-edged. The sky is as pale as old jeans with hot rivets and the sun shouts in your eyes. Nurses sit round a card-table on unfolded chairs drinking tea and smoking and pretending not to notice a buzzing light connected to a button a patient in bed in striped blue-and-white pyjamas is pressing. His bed frame is tubular metal painted white and when he touches it sitting up he pulls his hand away fast.