Friday, 3 December 2010


I keep reading when ever I dip in to this.

You may know the events and many of the specifics, and there's that swagger and bravado in front of and in between his intelligence, insights and vulnerability - but swagger and bravado are parts of who he is and without them you might not have noticed him (as his mum said, and as anyone watching him with Chuck Berry in Hail! Hail! Rock 'n Roll can see, Keith Richards is shy) (a sign of conceit, it's said, though a musician he helped said you can see he's a humble man from his walk).

If he was vulnerable all the time you wouldn't be as interested - it's the mix that's attractive: tough plus vulnerable, whether it's Keith Richards or an Eliza Dushku performance or some one else - besides, as he's said, "There's a thin line between vulnerable and asshole."

"I'm not really 'Keith Richards'," he's also said, and he's at his best when he remembers that. He's fascinating when he writes about writing songs, and his wit and wry perceptions are all over these pages. Handsome object of a hardback, too.