Friday, 4 June 2010

SHOT NO 38, by Anthony Sides

A misty straight row of morning trees in front of orange sky, and stripes of shadow and sideways sunlight across an empty school athletics field making the white lines pink. All the lessons I've learned in life are too painful to talk about. Dots of dew, coconut butter aftershave balm, a bird whistling a ring tone, and the weave of my white poplin shirt. A black ant on the cuff stops at the seam, wiggling three of its legs.


annie clarkson said...

I like this, really intriguing... the last details are so pinpoint beautiful. that bridge in the middle, poignant.

ps where is our cake?


Thank you for commenting, Annie. I appreciate it that you're interested when I write something, and that you like my writing when it's good. Thank you for bothering to make a comment.

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