Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Richard Harvey-Morgan, a regular at some workshops I've run in Burnley has had his first book published - Away with the Fairies - described as

"a story for all ages that goes straight to the heart. A book of pure fantasy offering an answer to some of the legendary tales of old Lancashire, bringing to life well- known legendary characters of northern England. Illustrated with 30 unique colour photographs.

"Richard is a small timid 12 year old who hates weekends. His mother, addicted to heroin, depends upon him whilst his father is in prison. Richard is ill-fed and -clothed, and his home has none of the contents that his schoolmates enjoy. He desperately wants to escape the drudgery and depression of his life. His only escape, when not at school or the library, is the forest, where he spends time amongst the wild residents.

"It is whilst there that his wishes are heard and acted upon by the fairies. The result of their trickery is that he is transformed into microcosmic size and the adventures begin."

I wish Richard all the best with his book and you can contact him at

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