Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I've finished Carrie again. I read it only 20 pages or so at a time because it's horrible - Carrie's home life and how lost she is and her school life, and the doomed feeling all through the book.

In his intro King writes, "I was frightened .... of the level of cruelty I would have to describe."

He continues, "I was also frightened to revisit what I'd not had the wit or moral courage to stop," and Carrie is horrible not because it's horror but because of how real it is.

I've read about 40 of King's books, and that's a lot of pages, and I'm grateful for the pleasure of the time I've spent in his company in that way.

Though his books and stories are sometimes too long, and not all of them are good, I hope that while we have him around we properly value him for the entertainment, sensations and insights he gives us in his writing.

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