Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dave Puller's PEACE, LOVE AND WAR: Blurb

You can discover serious, poignant and playful poems in this new collection from Dave Puller. You’ll love reading and re-reading Dave’s deceptively simple lines about love, peace and war (and a little bit about Wythenshawe).

· You’ll find tender, cynical poems about new love and love gone sour - and love that’s bitter/sweet with might-have-beens.

· You’ll enjoy angry and/or funny pieces about politics, class and consumerism – and heartbreakingly happy memories of a lost loved one.

· Politics – and anger – continue in the compassionate and satirical section about the whys, hows and horrors of war for oil and corporate gain.

· The final poems introduce you to Dave’s precious Wythenshawe, and the values and injustices of a childhood in a “lower-working-class” community.

The Manchester Evening News called Dave a “poet, promoter and all-round nice guy” – while a fan on MySpace praises his “poetic, political and comedic genius”.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Dave Puller

I recently read a proof copy of Dave Puller's new book, a poetry collection called Peace, Love and War which you can get soon. It has the directness, humour, politics and emotion you find in Dave's writing, and I sat down and read it through.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

SHOT NO 30, by Anthony Sides

"This is where I've been spending my money on - on him - and it didn't do any good. He turned out a good cat. The vet said that he was an old gentleman. I've still got Lucy. I'm not putting her through what I've put him through."

This quiet slow small life I've made - recovering - supposedly - or like these aged people in cafe.

Hopes of you in leaf-shadow under froths of blossom and forsythia, and cool shadow under dark trees growing in damp soil - romping again - more energy and volume and I love your loveliness and you owe me nothing - I am glad to be there with you as much as I can be - spring is for you, equinox girl. OK, maybe I'll say it 1st. Maybe.

The vast spaghetti plantations in the Po valley the sun making thin straight stripes of shadow.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

SHOT NO 29, by Anthony Sides

When I sleep I dream my bridges slowly burning; I wake up tireder, tied with limitations that I'm learning: last exit to Castlefield; last Big Issue vendor for 25 yards; last kiss of your lips.