Wednesday, 14 January 2009

SHOT NO 23, by Anthony Sides

Rusty stutter North Dakota rusted rails train-hit suicides empty prairie colourless grass ghost towns whose reasons for living are not known the whish of the wind Bismarck the wind can drive you crazy sing song rhythms of Texas, here playing the sheriff the whish, whish, whish-sh of the wind twisting the scratchy branches of small trees banging doors you've not latched cold wind with grit in it twisted stretches of barb wire metally glint of pale sun brighter grey through grey sky glint of broken beer bottle glass and aluminum can horse head tossing in endless wind

car slowly slowing in an arc in the yard gravel crunch pop under tires - winter sun wan bounces like pewter coin spun off windshield - thin smoke blown flat from the chimney - the door was open and the light was off and dust blew in the house and the door bumped, bumped in the wind bump, bump -

the prairie and the sky and the endlessness and the wind washing the landscape like sea on a shore sh-ing and eroding - people who say things to you when you're listening on the phone - tall winter wire brush trees

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