Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ex 3

Someone I know saw me in a cafe - where else? - a couple of days after my birthday, and went and bought me a card before they came to say hello. The card was a really good-looking one called Escape by Clare Maddicott and on the front was a blue bird in flight and some words and phrases, and there and then I wrote a short piece I'm proud of starting with one of the phrases - "OUT OF THE BLUE".

The phrases are all short enough and generic enough to be uncopyrightable - except, maybe, the one in this exercise; though you can use it to start a piece and then cut it off the front when you publish what you wrote - and your next few exercises are based on phrases from the card.

Exercise 3 is to write a piece with the title or first line as follows:

Bask in heaven's blue smile

Stop thinking about it, please, and start writing ....

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