Thursday, 4 October 2007

SHOT NO 5, by Steve Waling

You were still asleep

as light came in through the curtains.

The first bus crawled up the hill. I made this

from a dream of my childhood.

This is the house on the corner. Bought

by an absentee landlord, kept empty

for when the price goes up.

Not in this town. The garage next door

was arsoned. Mum lives up the hill now,

I don't like going back. Nostalgia's

a type of arthritis for the poor

who live in the present. The future's

a new block of flats in Manchester at

a hundred grand a room. C-cold. Blinds

at the window and the traffic at the roundabout

never stops. You were still asleep and I

had the horn for you.

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