Thursday, 18 October 2007

Ex 1

Your turn to have a go and have some fun; you can get a coffee or what you most enjoy drinking, and some paper and a pen, and relax and write

The train stopped at the station

and follow on from that and keep writing for 10 minutes - or 5 minutes if you want - writing what comes out and letting it happen and enjoying it.

You can leave it and read it later and make it better if you want. It may be beautiful or horrible or anything between; I write pages like this and then only ever use one line from them - though I wrote the bad pages to get to the line I like. Other times you find you've written a piece that works with no or few changes - like rolling the perfect pizza base .... (I would imagine).

You can write something if you want to, and what you've written you can keep a secret or show to some one or to every one, and you can send it as a Comment to this page. I manage comments before they appear, so you can even send me what you wrote as a comment and ask me not to let anyone else see it.

I would like to read anything you write from this exercise - Espresso Shots is not muffins a monologue, it's like coffee and a conversation.

The first line of this exercise is similar to the first line of one of the books in the Have You Read ...? box on the left: have you read it, and do you recognize it?

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