Wednesday, 8 August 2007

SHOT NO 2, by Anthony Sides

Fast David Letterman-style walking - council houses white with gardens parked car in front yard muddy rubber mud guards smell of ox tail soup from kitchen for lunch seeing through living rooms to back windows and gardens - lemon-coloured leaves piled up against the grass by the wind - newsagent pizza hairdresser solicitors - maisonettes small and narrow and very new and brutally close along side each other - funeral home and a thought of bodies made to look OK but rotting inside faces slumped flabby discoloured head turned slightly against quilted smooth coffin lining mouth funny - groceries blessed Caribbean meat a man on the pavement walking from a large van with a blood-lined carcass on his shoulder a 1/2 carcass hollow curved inside of rib cage - the brewery and giant metal Ms one of them with a billboard on to fund it big Ms to Mpress the Olympic committee and any one with a festival and the smell from the brewery the same as home-brewed beer in the airing cupboard when I was a child hiding. Right turn and left and parked cars along the road and further up a garage cars along the road side near it and in the yard - every where quiet now these streets mostly empty - vistas of factory yards you could photograph - now behind the polytechnic and made it pretty much. No such thing as safety.

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